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Ran Shao

I come from China. I was interested in different area of arts before I got education in Interior architecture of Oslo National Academy of the Arts. I wish to build up my personal way of working in the design industry instead of limiting my self by design rules. I use space to express my ideas and develop project by use the sensory elements to understand the relationship between space and human such as seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, testing etc.

My project trying to evoking people’s minds regarding the different approaches of utilizing space. Architecture does not have to be something made from cold or hard material such as concrete, to be able to arranging space and offer guidelines for how to use that space. I have tried to apply spacial features in gallery that aim to affect the basic instincts, and explore how the human body (and mind) is influenced by its environment when met with elementary changes in things like light, scale or texture. Try to use this project to bring the discussion about how to use gallery and what it should be.

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